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ASI #60981 SAGE #51003 UPIC #HIPPO001

Displays and Holders



Who Are We
Incorporated in 1986, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of stock and custom acrylic displays, capable...
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Make your display unique by adding a message with custom imprinting
Custom Displays
The Choice Is Clear Line specializes in custom displays that can enhance your company image and help sell your products.
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  1. BEST SELLER Clear Trifold Brochure Holder

    BEST SELLER Clear Trifold Brochure Holder

    Model: HC-500
    4"wide x 7"high x 1⅜"deep
    As low as: $1.38


  2. CLEAR Letter Size Holders

    CLEAR Letter Size Holders

    Model: HC-510
    8½"wide x 11"high x 1¾"deep
    As low as: $3.62

    Available: Clear, White Black...

  3. Angled Sign Holder

    Angled Sign Holder

    Model: H2-8511
    8½"wide x 11"high
    As low as: $4.37

    Premium Sign Holders...

  4. White Trifold Brochure Holder

    White Trifold Brochure Holder

    Model: HC-500WH
    4"wide x 7"high x 1⅜"deep
    As low as: $1.68

    Available: BLACK, WHITE and CLEAR...

  5. **BEST SELLER** Acrylic

    **BEST SELLER** Acrylic

    Model: H4-0406
    4"wide x 6"high
    As low as: $2.11

    Premium Acrylic Menu Holder...

  6. Clear

    Affordable Pamphlet Holders

    Model: HC-530
    6"wide x 8"high x 1½"deep
    As low as: $3.14

    Available: Clear, White, Black...

  7. Acrylic Angled Ad Frames

    Acrylic Angled Ad Frames

    Model: H2-0305
    3"wide x 5"high
    As low as: $1.78

    PREMIUM Sign Holders! ...

  8. Business Card Frames

    Business Card Frames

    Model: H6-3502
    3½"wide x 2"high
    As low as: $1.46

    Made to SIDE LOAD for easy insertion...

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  1. 6-Pocket EASEL

    6-Pocket EASEL

    Model: BE6
    Fits (6) 3½"wide x 2"high x ¾"deep
    As low as: $10.08

    Six-Pocket Business Card Easel in Clear Acrylic Di...

  2. Ad Frame/Sign Holders

    Ad Frame/Sign Holders

    Model: H2-3505
    3½"wide x 5"high
    As low as: $1.56

    Clear Angled Sign/Display Frame...

  3. Affordable Acrylic Table Tent

    Affordable Acrylic Table Tent

    Model: H41-0604
    6"wide x 4"high
    As low as: $2.62

    High Quality Single Sided Table Tents and more!...

  4. Affordable Two Sided

    Affordable Two Sided

    Model: H42-0535
    5"wide x 3½"high
    As low as: $3.01

    Value Priced Arcylic Double Sided Table Tents and ...

  5. Book Style Table Tent

    Book Style Table Tent

    Model: H43-0406
    4"wide x 6"high
    As low as: $3.48

    Clear Book Style Table Tents on Sale!...

  6. Book Style Table Tent

    Book Style Table Tent

    Model: H43-0507
    5"wide x 7"high
    As low as: $3.85

    New Lower Pricing!

  7. Book Style Table Tent

    Book Style Table Tent

    Model: H43-8511
    8½"wide x 11"high
    As low as: $9.89

    Order Today!...

  8. Bottom Loading

    Bottom Loading

    Model: H5-0810
    8" wide x 10" high
    As low as: $4.05

    Quality Sign Holders available for same day shippi...