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ASI #60981 SAGE #51003 UPIC #HIPPO001

Sign Holders | Table Tents

Sign Holders - Lowest Prices Guaranteed

When it comes to displaying information to your customers in a convenient way, table tents and sign holders are the way to go. These versatile paper or photo holders protect the images and information they contain, extending the life of the media in a way other displays lack. Made of easy-to-clean acrylics, they provide a clear view of your flyer, photo or other advertising material.

The many designs of table tents and sign holders that are available allow businesses to choose from a wide range of products. Businesses like restaurants often use variations of these displays to menus, specials, desserts and wine selections. It is an easy way to put a lot of information in front of your customer without overwhelming them.

Some of the benefits of using table tents and sign holders are:

  • Low cost for holders that decreases with an increased quantity purchase
  • Easy to clean so signs always look good
  • Easy to change when your information changes
  • Versatility allows you to display a scope of information easily
  • Small enough to move around easily so information goes where you need it
  • Customizable to suit your needs

With the right design and placement, your business information is at your customer’s fingertips where they want to find it. Many businesses use a variety of holders so that they can display different types of information in a cohesive way. This also helps the information in one type of holder be easily distinguished from that contained in another type of holder. The two holders don’t have to compete for attention.

Table tents and sign holders perform well in temporary venues as well as permanent ones. Trade shows, flea markets, craft fairs and other large gatherings where businesses set up booths with displays are perfect examples. Table tents or sign holders can direct visitor’s attention to products, literature and samples leaving the booth attendant free to talk to the people.