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ASI #60981 SAGE #51003 UPIC #HIPPO001

Differences in Material

Impact on Price:  

The first thing to know about material differences is that “Clear Acrylic” and “Clear Styrene”  is not the same thing and should not be interchangeable. Be aware, many companies may not advertise the type of material. This should be a red flag in the consumer’s minds. It would be to your advantage that you request samples from other companies to ensure you are receiving the same quality product you are requesting (Be aware, many companies will say "Acrylic" when in actuality they are providing you with "Styrene").

It is difficult to visually tell the difference between styrene and acrylic products although their properties and price points are quite different.

The following is a brief list of the major differences and what it means to you as the consumer.

Types of Material Available

Clear Styrene

(More Affordable Option)

Clear Premium Acrylic

(Higher Quality Option)

Clear Extra Strength PETG

(Most Durable Option)


More Rigid

Lighter In Density

Comes with Smooth  Frosted Edges


A Little Flexible, but not as flexible as PETG

Heavier in Density

Can, and should be Flame Polished on Edges

Less Susceptible to Scratches


Most Flexible

Very Lightweight

Comes with Smooth Frosted Edges

Virtually Unbreakable!

Fully Recyclable

What It Means For You:

 Holds it's Shape Longer

 May Save Money in Shipping Since It Is Lighter In Weight

What it Means For You:

 More Resistant to Snapping

 More Sturdy Product

 Shiny/Professional Look

What it Means For You:

 More Durable Display


*** Please note, injection molded displays (1 piece units) are generally made of clear styrene and not acrylic due to the higher cost of acrylic resins. ***