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ASI #60981 SAGE #51003 UPIC #HIPPO001

Wall Mount Brochure Holders

Could your business benefit from using wall-mount brochure holders? Chances are it can. Any brochure holder’s purpose is to get information about products of interest or services people need into their hands. Wall mount brochure holders, however, offer some advantages over their table top peers.

Unlike table top models, wall mounts can’t get knocked over and broken. They also can’t be pushed out of the way by a customer or sales clerk where the function of the unit is lost or obscured. Being mounted on the wall, they are always in place to do the job they were intended to do.

Many businesses find these marketing aids useful. They can be used near exits so customers are prompted to take a brochure as they leave. They are also popular in waiting areas. Places like auto repair shops, doctor’s offices and rest stops often use wall-mount brochure holders to provide information to people who may be spending time in their facilities.

The wall-mount version of brochure holders comes in an elaborate range of sizes. This is good news because not all brochures come in the same size. Four-inch wide models fit the standard trifold type of brochure but even in that class range, you can pick from a range of sizes that hold a few brochures or larger quantities.

Others hold traditional business cards and letter-sized materials. Unique holders can hold everything from 2½ inches wide to 8½ inches wide in varying heights. There is also a range of depths so you can put as many brochures in the holder as you need to.

Here are few things about wall-mount brochure holders that make then a great option:

  1. Wall mount brochure holders display information conveniently
  2. Larger models let you fill and forget
  3. Easy to clean acrylic means your brochures are always visible and the main attraction
  4. Varying sizes give you numerous options
  5. Wall mounted holders don’t fall or get moved meaning your literature is right where you want it – all the time
  6. Brochure holders are a good economic value
  7. Your own designs can be incorporated into a custom design