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ASI #60981 SAGE #51003 UPIC #HIPPO001

Thickness of Material

Impact on Price:     

Despite a moderate impact on the price of the displays, thickness of material is a significant indicator of the quality and functionality of the display. Here is a good rule of thumb to follow:

*** The thicker the material, the higher the quality ***

Here is our tip to you:              

For the customer this means a more durable and sturdier product. Like all products on the market the higher the quality, the more expensive it is to purchase. Be aware some companies don't advertise the gauge and may provide you with a thinner material for a slightly better price as another company offering a thicker, higher quality product. This just is not good value for your money!

The following is a series of illustrations of the thickness of acrylic available to you. Please keep in mind, the following are the various thicknesses Displays&Holders carries in stock:


 Note: Thicknesses may fluctuate slightly based on industry standard

As you shop through our website you will notice that the majority of products we offer is .080" thick. We recommend this thickness as it provides the best price point and functionality. However, for all products that involve gluing we recommend using .098" thick material as it allows for a strong bond while keeping pricing relatively low.

If you are interested in our stock displays in a different thickness to receive a higher quality product, just ask! We will be more than happy to help.